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Funny memes and tweets about Queen Elizabeth's supposed death

Queen Elizabeth Has Not Passed Away, Despite Memes Circulating The Internet

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Great job, Whitney!

facebook whitney houston celeb dead - 6962940160
Created by drodenbeek

Gone Valdez

dead twitter - 6554430976
Created by depreciated

Dawn of the Dumb


RIP Captain James Picard, May the Force Be With You

comments dead rip - 7041884928
Created by Unknown


chuck norris dead - 3536721664
Created by Unknown

You're the Screen Door In My Submarine

air bag dead sister submarine wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 5042176768
Created by Fatwalrus

He Eats Frozen Microwaved Meals

batman dead dinner facebook parents - 6505858560
Created by Unknown

But I Could Barely Recover From the First Troll

bill nye dead facebook - 6546043904
Created by Peter Welch

Yep, that's how you got here

dead hell - 3489891840
Created by Unknown

That's a Great Achievement!

dead facebook - 6632332544
Via Horsey Surprise

But Seriously, You Can't Discover Cheese Fries

dead facebook - 5898636544
Created by DaRoan

Some People Take FOREVER

when you go down on someone and they take ages
Via Buddy Christ08

He's Not Even Trying Anymore

wheres waldo IRL dead trolling - 6657322752
Created by _C_A_T_

Pull Yourself Together, Bruce

batman dead married parents Yahoo Answer Fails - 4823558400
Created by Manilla-Ice ( Via )

Dawn of the Dumb

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