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Frickin' Dads, Man...

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How to Make Your Girlfriend Go Blind

image dating dad jokes How to Make Your Girlfriend Go Blind
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Dad Picked Up the Split With That Joke

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The Man Grows Out of Boyhood, But the Boyhood Never Grows Out of the Man

Green - My dad took a black sharpie and blacked out the "M" on my bag of protein... He's 55 50 252 25 SERIOUS ASS HIGH PROTEIN WEIGHT GAIN POWDER 250 CAT

Dad, Stahp!

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We've Reached Peak Dad Humor

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32 Pun-Filled Memes And Corny Jokes

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Dating Tip, Courtesy of a Fancy Restaurant


The Dad Jokester Strikes Again!

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Meijer With the Shade

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Presidential Dad Jokes

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Scientific Method

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27 Very Stupid Jokes That Are Literally Correct

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Dads Gonna Dad Joke

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Dad Jokes Are a Path to the Dark Side

han solo dad jokes turned kylo ren to the dark side
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She is Now an Honorary Dad

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