Art of Trolling

customer support


customer support fancy ladies for hire m or f turn off - 4078652928
Created by Unknown

Honest Customer Support

customer support south park icon
Via mattypanda

Got You Again, Bitch

customer support bait and switch - 4333501440
Created by Unknown

I Accidentally the Whole Issue

customer support shoppers beware - 6368952320
Created by joemama69


customer support Memes that escalated quickly - 6519676928
Created by Sweedie
Customer support troll account who responds to various complaints made by customers

'The Amazing Troll-Man' Hilariously Impersonates Customer Service Representatives

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I Like a Little Scrape

chat customer support fleshlight - 6541735680
Created by Unknown

I Hear Robots Are Really Into Him

customer support justin bieber robot shoppers beware - 5688126464
Created by roflcopter