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Leaving a Negative Customer Service Review Left One Amazon Customer With a Giant Dong

man finds dildo in shopping cart after negative review on amazon
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Karen threatens an employee with a write-up, and proceed to get a lesson in management | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/Ancient_Ice 1y Join Front Desk Manager Threatens with write-up, and she gets lesson management. Long Backstory working as night auditor at front desk, now those don't know night auditor is like an accounting job balance all paperwork before accounting gets balance every department Restaurant, Bar, Dance Club, conference center, etc. So, our job critical be done correctly every night

Karen Threatens Employee With Write-Up, Gets Lesson In Management

Karen was out of control.
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customer service pizza prank Video - 75833857

Apparently This is a Prank, But It Really Just Seems Like a Guy Acting Like an A-Hole Customers

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Karen goes through a series of angry mental gymnastics over a parking space.

Karen Goes Through Angry Mental Gymnastics Over Parking Space

Boss move, indeed.
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Time to Shop at "John"

customer service - 8526417664
Created by GenXCub ( Via We Hope That Helps )
customer service We Hope That Helps

"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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customer service Jack Vale trolltube Video - 63352065

What's the Worst Customer Service You've Ever Received?

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Palak's Got Your Back

cost customer service - 5364485632
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Customer Service is Our Top Priority

customer service - 8142268928
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Karen thinks employee is a line cutter and looks dumb | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/LKJNAElhjberg 32 3 3 16 hours ago 3 Let's shake things up WORK* here, Lady XL out work because Covid, so occasionally drive my husband and work, cause he has long commute and at least once awhile can do driving him. Now, he works at Warehouse-Type Shopping Center. Between 9-10am, M-F, they have Senior Shopping. His shift started at 9:45 had some shopping do, so walked together went grab cart and go back line

Karen Thinks Employee Is Line Cutter, Gets Humbled

The Karen is strong in this one.
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How Will a Scented Candle Save Me From Zombies?

customer service - 8753612288
Created by jakelLL

UPS Claims a Customer's Street Doesn't Exist, Proceeds to Leave Her a Note... At Her House...

customer service delivery package delivery UPS - 7310617344
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Classic: I'll Be Right With You

computer customer service IRL - 6006363648
Created by el.carl2
Customer support troll account who responds to various complaints made by customers

'The Amazing Troll-Man' Hilariously Impersonates Customer Service Representatives

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Honest Customer Support

customer support south park icon
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I Shouldn't Have to Ask, That's Just Good Customer Service

customer service instructions order delivery pretty - 6974864896
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