Art of Trolling

credit card

Almost Had Me There

llama twitter credit card - 6970979840
By kimbesse (Via Twitter)
guy trolls a scammer

Guy Trolls Scammer for Fake Nudes, Pisses Them off like Crazy

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You're Pre-Approved!

application credit card IRL u mad bro - 4922415360
By sinkillerj

Be Honest!

credit card facebook honest questions - 4490642432
By Unknown

Why Do I Need To Search for My Credit Card?

credit card google trolling - 6157196288
By Unknown

Shut Up and Take My Magnetized Plastic!

credit card fry shoppers beware shut up and take my money - 6215873280
By Unknown

I'm Not Just Happy to See You

awesome credit card robbery - 4842953728
Via epic4chan

Well It Has Been Now

credit card FAIL security shoppers beware stolen - 4990987008
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Net Noob Needs to Be Sure

credit card Net Noob seems legit shoppers beware stolen - 5090391040
By Unknown

Do You Take Cash?

credit card Yahoo Answer Fails - 6048647424
By rileyup