Art of Trolling


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Meet Earl Lee. Earl Lee's Coworkers Are A-Holes...

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A Coworker's Nightmare

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By WinterLove111

We Know Who You Are!

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How to Piss Off Your Coworkers Real Quickly

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Don't Let Your Coworkers Get a Hold of Your Briefcase

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By Unknown

That'll Teach 'Em!

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If Your Coworkers Are D*cks, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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So, How About Them Spreadsheet Reports?

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You're Never Too Old to Belieb

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Via Reddit

What to Do When Your Coworker Types Really Loudly

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By Unknown

How to Wake Up a Lazy Coworker

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Just Sayin'

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By Unknown

Sorry to Hear About Your... "Condition"


My Bad

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By anselmbe

Umm... Can I Get Another Desk, Please?


We Redecorated. Hope You Don't Mind!

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