Art of Trolling


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This Will Make You Smile of the Day: Cops Pull People Over and Give Them a Tasty Surprise

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A Little Electrical Tape Goes a Long Way


It'll Be a Sad Day for Humanity When Cookies Are Against the Law

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By Unknown

Well I Just Don't Know Anymore...

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

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Strategically Placed Electrical Tape Can Make All the Difference

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137 Little Piggies

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Sprinkle a Little Irony on Those Sprinkled Donuts

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By Unknown
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What Animal on This Toy Phone Will Answer if You Dial 911?

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Need a Place to Crash on New Year's Eve?

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Vitaly's Mom is Lucky This Was Just a Prank

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Don't Get Any Ideas, the Cops DO Care If You Destroy Their Cars

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Jack Vale Shows You How to Get Out of a Cop Car

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Officer Troller

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By kalel22

Somebody Call CSI

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