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Past Me Didn't Want Present Me to Get Laid

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Just Be Sure to Use Encryption

wifi condoms protection - 7371987200

Convincing Advertising

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That Isn't How You Did It With Mom?

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Created by littledevil9

Just to See You Squirm

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Created by Fortune_Auto

Found Ur Condoms Lol

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You Never Know When Inspiration Will Strike

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I'd Try a Durplex

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You Know Which One You'll Need More Of?

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Now With Numbing Menthol!

funny memes condoms and cough drops
Via Stalked_Like_Corn

Past Me Didn't Want Present Me to Get Laid

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Same Place as Your Condoms

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Created by k3v1n112

The Safest Method Is to Just Stay Inside

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When Your Roommates Are A-Holes, The Gifts Get Interesting

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Created by Unknown

An Unexpected Endorsement

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I (Barely) See What You Did There

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Created by anselmbe
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