Art of Trolling


Can't Tell If Trolling or Just True

computers ie IRL Memes - 5850766336
Created by Unknown

No Google, It Was Definitely Horrifying

funny memes horrifying terrifying noise
Via jazzedforthefall

Error Reporting Level: Facepalm

computers technology facepalm ascii art - 6772897536
Created by freshbru

This Looks Legit to Me

australia computers england IRL trollface - 4532997632
Created by Unknown

Doesn't Even Stick!

computers IRL - 6216777984
Created by Unknown

Where Did You Get All of Those L's and O's?

computers IRL keyboard trololo - 5856311808
Created by el.carl2

Elbow Grease Required

clean computers Yahoo Answer Fails - 5717590272
Created by ZachsTwoCents

Keyboard Trekkin'

computers IRL keyboard space - 6213135360
Created by Unknown

What Happens When You Ask Your Boss for a Mac - A-Hole Boss Edition

computers - 7969987072
Created by Unknown

Which One Goes Left?

computers IRL keyboard - 4466277120
Created by Unknown

OMG It's Not Like There's a Spelling Test to Get On the Internet

computers dictionary spelling Yahoo Answer Fails - 5571410944
Created by HippyHappy

The Game of Battlefield

battlefield computers the game you lose - 4613709056
Created by Aqpwod

Blue Wall of Death.

computers IRL wall - 6108161024
Created by Unknown

What? Where'd He Go?


Lazy Security

computers security - 4413065472
Created by BandG ( Via )

I'm a Mac, and I'm an A.C.

computers mac windows Yahoo Answer Fails - 4603800064
Created by SteevyT
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