Art of Trolling


Classic: Unhelpful Title

comment facebook meta status - 5491597824
Created by Taricalmcacil

At Least It's Not Racist

comment guitar youtube - 5351464704
Created by Unknown

Work on Your Wording

comment facebook FAIL - 6453124352
Created by CoreytheSmith

Look at That Leather Counter Top

comment kitchen women youtube - 5110815232
Created by Viltgance

This Is Embarrassing, Goddangit

comment King of the hill Video youtube - 5620800512
Created by KittehBoy1963

comment interesting invisible youtube - 5043604480
Created by Unknown

I Bet it Can

article hacking news cinnamon toast crunch comment - 6850362880
Created by iWaddle ( Via Gizmodo )


comment youtube - 6102488320
Created by Unknown

Only Person to Comment is a Loser

comment contest dumb facebook - 6075318784
Created by darkceltic

Cool Story, Bro

comment facebook story - 5869364224
Created by Mr_Mur_der

I'm Not Sure What to Title This

comment facebook like - 5345795072
Created by BryTupper

Newtonian Rhapsody

queen youtube comment - 7021609216
Created by Unknown

Best Comment Ever!

comment facebook derp - 7047698432
Created by jokr112

Y U No Turn Off Email Notifications?!

comment facebook like - 5870593280
Created by AlphonseBurk

Collegehumor troll

youtube comment beliefs - 6940874752
Created by poochyenarulez ( Via Youtube )

I see what you did there...

comment like youtube - 6453041408
Created by Unknown
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