Art of Trolling


I Didn't Know Vegeta Was an Avenger

avengers comics marvel over 9000 - 4932239616
By Nick4x

Damn You, Memory!

comics webcomics - 8191685632
Via Happy Jar

The Hull? Trulk?

comics the hulk troll face win - 4865373184
By sadare765

How to Chemistry Like a Pro

comics Chemistry web comics - 8259516160

I Want to Rig My Coffin With a Rick Roll

awesome comics old people - 4608145408
By Batcommander (Via brevitycomic)

"Sir, I Solved the Puzzle!"

comics crime DNA webcomics police - 7672442880
By Unknown

Enjoy Your Picnic

picnic comics parenting webcomics - 7565627648
Via Amazing Superpowers

You're Now Thinking of It

comics - 8001851392
Via Happy Jar
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The Ultimate Quiz

comics quizzes webcomics - 8055795200
Via Fowl Language Comics

No One Will Want Your Phone Now!

phones comics webcomics - 8185204480
Via Fowl Language Comics

"Apology" Cards

school comics web comics - 8452862464
By Derp-a-derp (Via SMBC)

The Trollantern

comics magnets - 4441294336
By Unknown