Art of Trolling


Troll Kitty Takes a Bath

Cats comic lol - 4537099264
By KarateBugmen

He Was So Young

comic - 7701745408
By Unknown

No No, It's Right There! Look Again

comic Sad walrus - 4954088960
By Unknown

You Got Me

comic mirror - 4645139968
Via Abstruse Goose

U jelly?

comic trollface u jelly u mad - 4499907584
By zAmg_Spirit

It "Helps"

Sad comic - 6997438208
Via Toothpaste for Dinner


alone comic forever its a trap Memes - 4021762048
By Unknown

Retroll: It's a Mirror, You Idiot

comic mirror retroll - 4680477440
By Buckoman

Man-Trolling Sharks

comic sharks - 4624736768
By Snake73


comic Magneto magnets mormons x men - 4422910720
By kennyrulez

The Original ICP

comic ICP magnets miracles pink floyd - 4643131904
By Unknown

The Stupidity Test

shoppers beware test comic genius stupid - 6656363008
By Infinity-Dash

Worse Than Being Stood Up

comic disconnect forever alone i own a horse - 4389242368
By KaoTiKuS

What a Compliment

perfect comic - 6838472192
By Sup123

The Masked Moron strikes again

comic DC marvel Omegle - 3336581376
By Unknown


comic Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter i own a horse troll - 4327747072
By BMFPoochie