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Work Smart, Not Hard

security streakers clothes college - 8348076544

College Life Necessitates Honesty

dorms college fapping - 8031569920
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Time for a Different Kind of Lecture...

class powerpoint lecture college - 7383913472
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Quit Trying to be Funny, School

school butts college - 8596236544
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That, My Friends, Is Called a "Loophole"

loopholes relationships dorms college - 8336215296

Procrastination at Its Finest

school procrastination facebook college - 7087601152
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Indiana Jones Professors prank Video college School of FAIL - 68305921

This Professor Always Wears an Indiana Jones Hat to Class. Someone Had Fun With That.

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The Scientific Method

class school college - 8147322880

College Move-In Week is a Ripe Time for Pranking

bathrooms Mannequins college - 7779098112
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When Professors Keep It Real

yolo swag powerpoint Professors college - 8336217344

Hehe... Farts...

college farts - 6665753088
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Some Professors Are Just Evil


Meesa Hat's Off to You, Buddy


Gotta Love Loopholes!

college loopholes - 8240102656

Making the Most of What You Can Get

cards college school graduation - 8170859264
funny college harvard g rated School of FAIL - 56502017

Harvard Gives Yale a Little Help

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