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chuck norris


chuck norris dead - 3536721664
By Unknown

I hear that he has no chin, only another fist!

chuck norris Yahoo Answer Fails - 3432935168
By Unknown

The Ultimate Battle?

chuck norris youtube - 6560276480
By Unknown

Everyone's Favorite New Holiday

holiday slogan maker chuck norris - 7072541440
By Quest

History Fail

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By Unknown

Will the Real Chuck Norris Please Stand Up

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By Unknown

The Real Chuck

comments youtube chuck norris - 6881786624
By HSRandmehateCOD

Where's an Engineer When You Need One?

chuck norris Chuck Testa youtube - 6294962432
By TemoX56 (Via

The Prize Is a God?

chuck norris facebook jesus - 5866769664
By ZshadeZ

Good Thing Chuck Is the Coolest

Funny Yahoo Answers query thread about if Hot Outside is subjective and someone invokes Chuck Norris in answering the question.
By Cooliosis

As You Wish, Master Chuck

chuck norris youtube - 6399377408
By Catfusious

And Not Just With My Hands

chuck norris comment piano youtube - 6223161088
By Aurapigonstilts

It Was Some Time In the Past

chuck norris facebook grammar spelling - 5641034240
By average.canadian


Bill Gates black hole chuck norris - 4066269952
By LoveLustMurder

Someone Just Didn't Get the Joke...

god religion jokes facebook chuck norris - 6765116928
By Unknown


chuck norris - 4194084864
By Unknown
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