Art of Trolling

chris brown

Be Careful, He Might Beat You Up for That

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By Unknown

Never Forget

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By fish0118999

Go for Gold, Bro

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By Unknown
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I Wish He Would Be an Hero

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Caution: Beats Ahead

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Via piercepenniless

Don't Worry, It's Only a Knee Slapper

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By fabioiguess

She Found Love in a Hopeless Place

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By nslegacy163

I Know That Feel, Girl

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By Unknown

There are No Lyrics, Only Beats

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By Unknown

And Don't You Forget It

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By Unknown

So Fashionable

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By Unknown

Hey Let's Bump and Grind Your Face Into the Pavement

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By strykerknight

No Stars Ever

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By jc2581 (Via Reddit)

Chris Brown Will Take You Down

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By TheGoddessOphie (Via Trolling Chris Brown)

Beat That

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By Unknown

He's Among Friends

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By stuckfix