Art of Trolling



birthday Chat Roulette children eww kid - 3472562688
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children kids - 3412615936
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No, I'm Not Worried About the Cost of Feeding and Clothing Them

children facebook free pedobear - 5815695872
By everydayimmuffinin

Hanz and Franz

Awkward children Cleverbot love - 4941744896
By Unknown

Yes Little One, He's Inside of You!

children troll dad - 4789567488
By ninjakoala97

We Wish You a Miserable Adolescence

yankee candle burning a childs wish
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children fake and gray magnets Video - 15979265

How Do Children Work?

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Troll Dad

troll dad facebook mistake children - 7039048448
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Know Your Questionable Sounding Words!

children definition - 5810223104
By ChadStubbs-QuizMaster

At Least the Dog Was Fed, Right?

babysitter children dogs - 4643249152
By toodlooo

Go for the High Score!

parenting children - 8208663808

Woof Woof.

children dogs hacked IRL pedobear puppy - 4578291456
By HipsterKat

Put That Away and Bring Me the Kids

Chat Roulette children pedobear video chat - 5487435008
By 123bmth123

Don't Kiss and Tell

children kissing parents pedobear Yahoo Answer Fails - 4259743488
By Tdrkknight

Cooking Kids

funny memes children cooked in crock pot
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The Neighborhood Watch Nobody Wants

children parenting road signs - 7953604096
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