Art of Trolling


Can't Argue With That Logic

animals ducks chicken yahoo answers - 8220466944

That Looks Tasty, Man

chicken IRL kfc Protest sign - 5931777792
Created by RogueBeats

You Just Lost

game chicken image - 8768239616
Created by Unknown

IRL Troll: Torture Tastes So Good

chicken IRL kfc peta protests torture - 4531920128
Created by ekahnicole

Tarred and Feathered, Who Could Tell the Difference?

donald trump or raw chicken
Via _theblessedone

What About Pitchforks?

chicken kinky - 4241831168
Created by CrimsonandClover

Twelve Cents Saved Is Twelve Cents Earned

chicken IRL savings sign - 5370686464
Created by Jackus

Would You Like Me to Assign Someone to Heat Your Chicken?

chicken IRL sign wtf - 5916297728
Via Liggee

Do You Prefer Thighs or Tenders?

sign chicken IRL strippers - 8747754752
Created by Unknown

So, About That Milk Man

chicken gay racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4892523776
Created by Eeik5150 ( Via )
kardashians chicken vine Video - 82547969

Does This Look Like a Chicken to You?

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Extra Crispy

chicken dragon food IRL - 6096204288
Created by Unknown

Her Chickens Need to Go on a Diet

chicken meth Yahoo Answer Fails - 4588216832
Created by purple238 ( Via )

And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.

kfc chicken food pooptimes twitter - 6667787776
Created by woolfboy

That Was Fowl

asl chicken country Omegle Turkey - 5053808384
Created by Unknown

Say That to My Face.... Or Are You Chicken?

chicken jokes trolling Say That to My Face.... Or Are You Chicken?
Via brobible
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