Art of Trolling


Harsh Justice

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It is an Art Which Takes Long to Master


I've Got News for You...

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The Best Revenge is Living Well

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Taking Care of Business

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By Unknown

I Feel a Battle Coming On

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By Deep Red

The Usual Signs

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If You Could Cheat on Your Significant Other With Absolutely No Chance of Getting Caught, Would You?

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Time for a New Ride

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By baybora
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This Really Works!

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What Do You Do When Your Wife Calls While You're Out on a Date With Your Girlfriend?

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Who Hasn't?

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By kimbesse

I Dare You to Answer My Question Honestly

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By Unknown

Highly Suspicious!

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By gdp1101 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


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By Unknown

Higher Education : Trolling 101

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By Rob (Via Twitter)
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