Art of Trolling



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By samblack09

I Don't Know, You Tell Me

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By yajirobi

Bored Games

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By Unknown

Learn 2 Omegle, Loser

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By Unknown

The Only Way

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By John H.

Blasphemy and Bacon

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By Ninja_Chick7

Cause They'll Do

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By Unknown

Bots Care Not for Your Mortal Problems

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By Unknown

I'll even show you my wand

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By Unknown


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By blaze643

Don't Try It

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By Leebra

they asked, i gave

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By Tweeters6890

Trollspiration: Why Aren't You Making Any Sense?

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By supermudkip

This is the widely accepted answer.

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By Not_Important_At_All

raises from the dead

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By Unknown

Was it something I said?

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By masta666
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