Art of Trolling


Was it something I said?

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Created by masta666

Bored Games

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Created by Unknown

they asked, i gave

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Created by Tweeters6890

I Don't Know, You Tell Me

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Created by yajirobi

Finally a Dude Who Doesn't Disconnect...

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Created by Unknown

Blasphemy and Bacon

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Created by Ninja_Chick7

I'll even show you my wand

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Created by Unknown

Someone Needs to Run You Through an English Lesson

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Created by Unknown

RuFF! RuFF! grrrrrrrruuf!

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Created by evaporatanater

This is the widely accepted answer.

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Created by Not_Important_At_All

Trollspiration: Why Aren't You Making Any Sense?

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Created by supermudkip


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Created by frogtog

Sure You Are

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Created by WeevilKnevil

Learn 2 Omegle, Loser

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Created by Unknown

I Like a Little Scrape

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Created by Unknown

"Just Kidding"

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Created by Unknown
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