Art of Trolling


But That's the Secret Ingredient...

cat semen Yahoo Answer Fails - 4272380160
By Unknown
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WOOP! Trololololo

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Classic: Miaow That's Just Rude!

cat IRL missing - 4887349760
By Captain_Lulz

Oh You Want Back Inside, Do You?

cat gifs IRL plastic wrap - 5871032832
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Go Ahead, Rub It Off

cat drawing - 5588403200
By everydayimmuffinin

Maybe It Was Because the Dog Dug Them Up?

cat facebook Growing kitten Sad - 6413404672
By bobbleheaddoggy

He's Knockin' on Heaven's Door

cat lost waldo Yahoo Answer Fails - 5711625216
By Feebeelette

Animal Cruelty

animal cat dogs - 4029852416
By Unknown

Give It a Lick?

cat horse lick Omegle weebl wet - 4321963776
By JellyHater

Oh, the Places He'll Go

cat wings Yahoo Answer Fails - 5875265024
By 19Noodles19

The Lost Cat Was Pregnant!

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By Unknown

Yeah, You Can Totally Make That

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By GalderGollum


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By Unknown

Walking is for Chumps

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By Anonymous (Via

Mr. Wuss Wuss is the Boss Around Here

cat IRL sign - 6568530432
By Unknown


cat dogs youtube - 3726358272
By Unknown