Art of Trolling


cartoons lemonparty the simpsons Video - 13921025

Good Ol' Fashioned Lemon Party

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Childhood Trolling: Set My Buttocks Ablaze

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Created by patrickh46



You've Really Got to Stop Letting Her Wander Off

cartoons dora the explorer TV Yahoo Answer Fails - 6125991424
Created by sisterjameela ( Via Yahoo Answers )

Disney Are Master Trolls

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birds cartoons lady flowers lady fun bags naughty penis Video - 17509377

Naughty Cartoons In Disguise

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Four Brontosaurus Burgers Please

drive thru TV costume cartoons burgers - 6951809536
Created by Unknown
cartoons p3n0r Video that looks naughty - 58668033

There's a Really Special Hidden Doodle in Fievel Goes West

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I Must Have Missed the Memo

cartoons huh Statistics - 4732419328
Created by cesarkopp
wtf animation cartoons funny - 1238533

This Poor Background Cartoon Character Finally Got the Recognition He Deserves

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So That’s Why the Wildebeests Didn’t Get Out of the Way

youtube Movie cartoons lion king - 6958621696
Via Sofa Pizza
cartoonist draws offensive caricatures of people

Cartoonist Shows Absolutely No Mercy to People Wittingly Asking to Be Roasted

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Spongebob Did It!!

SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons funny - 8812881408
Created by Luchabro

But It Sure Does Taste Good

booze cartoons food shoppers beware - 5451836416
Created by The_Ferret