Art of Trolling


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There's a Time and Place to Moon People, This Is Not It

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Totally Chitty Chitty

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Ha! Now You Have to Buy a New One!

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It All Makes Sense Now!

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Call Me Back at 1-800-LRN-2PRK

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You Keep Using That Phrase "ANY Car!"

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Some Guy Sneaks Around at Night and Pimps People's Rides With Cardboard

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You Keep Using That Phrase "ANY Car!"

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Just Get It Away From Me

Craigslist potential troll that just wants to get rid of his $700 POS Ford Escape.
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This Prank Is Exactly Why People Don't Take Taxi's Anymore

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Employee of the Month Right Here

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Ramping It Up

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Bless This Windshield, Cage Gods

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No Exceptions!

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I Can't Help It!

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