Art of Trolling


Geminice One!

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By Unknown

That's About Right

Bad Translator cancer memebase true - 6177020928
By Jesse

Are You Gonna Go Bald 4 Bieber?

twitter 4chan cancer justin bieber - 6707778816
By Unknown

Do Ovaries Have Hair?

cancer justin bieber - 6727484928
By Unknown

Don't Be Ashamed

cancer dragons facebook - 4562482688
By Unknown


taylor swift relationships cancer - 6796173568
By Unknown

I Hope Your Tongue Falls Off

awareness cancer facebook - 5354625536
By Bad Panda

The Chemo Will Do Just That

Bad Translator cancer queen - 5439795456
By Unknown
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Throw It Against the Wall!

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From the 'Stuff You Definitely Didn't Know' Department

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By Unknown

Great for Your Liver, Too

beer cancer IRL sign - 4996985600
By -Ghost-


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By Unknown

Uh Oh...

cancer - 7719984896
By Unknown

Go Childhood Cancer!


Seriously, Quit Whining

cancer Challenge Accepted depression - 5178555904
By Unknown

Okay, That's One Way to Break it To Me

cancer puns cards Okay, That's One Way to Break it To Me
Via VeryOftenWrong
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