Art of Trolling

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He's Long and Very Nervous

bumper sticker if you can see my wiener
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Well Everyone's Good at Something

image bumper sticker trolling Well Everyone's Good at Something
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Straight to the Point, I Like It!

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The Bumper Sticker of an Honest Parent

bumper sticker parenting - 8969411072
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Bumper Sticker Pranks on My Super Liberal Girlfriend

bumper sticker prank politics - 8981268736
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I Prefer Asking the Internet

bumper sticker doctor medical advice - 4676243712
By Unknown

got horses???

bumper sticker cars i own a horse IRL trucks voting - 4511396352
By theEdMeister

We Weren't All Meant to Coexist, Maybe

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Snitches Really Will Get Stitches

awesome bumper sticker driving IRL - 5016172544
By Unknown

Syrup Happens

best of week bumper sticker IRL vegas - 6202619904
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