Art of Trolling


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Hot Girls Giving Mouth-to-Mouth, Oh My!

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Breaking and Burning

break facebook heart jealousy soul - 4642947328
Created by acassolopez
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This Ice Cream Man is Certifiably Insane

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What Do You Do When Your Wife Calls While You're Out on a Date With Your Girlfriend?

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break camera mirror ugly - 4126658048
Created by Unknown
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This Grandpa is on a Serious Rampage

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"Bro, is There Something You're Not Telling Us?"

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This Girl Just Can't Stop Farting

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The Epic Movie Trailer Voice Guy Prank

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One Break, Coming Right Up

break facebook - 6506603776
Created by yodavido
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Reading Dirty Texts Out Loud is Only for the Brave... or Foolish...

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