Art of Trolling


But Then Again...

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By ZevVeli

Resistance is Futile

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By AzimSF

For Best Results, Stick a Banana In Your Mouth

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By enigmaticsquirrel

God's Unyielding Love

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By brian0424

Get a boy to like me

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By Unknown

Too Soon?

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By Mortuaryjoe

Yahoo Answers Actually Answers! So Simple, Yet So Elegant

Girls asks on Yahoo Answers regarding how to speak to a boy that keeps staring at her, and is answered to simply go up and say hi. Not bad advice overall. Especially compared to other instances on Yahoo Answers.
By Unknown

Suddenly, Single Doesn't Seem So Bad

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By KaIBalLs

I Don't Want to Beat Around the Bush

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By fishyfish90


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By ChivesTheCat

Too Literal?

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By Rowraaay

In That Order, Man

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By Unknown

Which Are You?

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Talking 101

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By your-mother


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By Unknown

Really Jumped Up a Notch

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By bassistciaran
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