Art of Trolling


I am SO Conflicted!

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Literally Hitler

image trolling book Literally Hitler
Via IrbyTumor

Lief Pr0 Tip


Well, I Know Where I'm Moving To

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Classic: See Spot Run Himself Into the Ground

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By Unknown

You Thought I Forgot About You, Didn't I?

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By Unknown

Oh... Okaaay...

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By Unknown

I Feel Like the Butt of a Joke Here...

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By Unknown

Like We Didn't Already Know

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By vlikesmemes

Meanwhile, at Barnes and Noble

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Via Tastefully Offensive

What to Expect When You're Expecting an Absent Father

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By Unknown

An Argument for Evolution If I've Ever Seen One

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By rileyup

I'll Write Whatever You Want!

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By Unknown

Did You Miss Me?

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Via MinionKingBob

A Million Little Pieces

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By Unknown

Too Real, Barnes & Noble

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By Unknown
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