Art of Trolling


IRL Troll: Less Money, Mo' Problem?

book dollar IRL money problem trollface - 4649419264
Created by battousai

Free Telescope With Every Purchase!

best of week book IRL - 5170775552
Created by catasaurus84


never cover facebook book - 6943966976
Via Pleated Jeans

Two Limits Diverge in a Calculus Book...

tumblr calculus book math - 6954621440
Via Facts-i-just-made-up

That's What She Rhymed

book IRL native american poetry thats what she said - 5009471744
Created by DunderMiffliNate

Like You Would Have Read It

amazon book IRL old spice order - 5253747200
Created by vera

The Bear Next Door

book pedobear story the r word title Yahoo Answer Fails - 5087911936
Created by Bronxbombers5665

Page 978 Is Being Revised, Please Rip It Out

book wikipedia - 5247232768
Created by Unknown

Wise Beyond His Years

kids wisdom book women - 6987924480
Created by freshbru

Can't Tell If Trolling or Legitimate Advice

book IRL literature note twilight - 5472252160
Created by Unknown

I Don't Think It's Working

IRL book - 6708066816
Created by Unknown

Hey There Book, You Wanna Head Back to My Place?

book ellen degeneres IRL - 6628963328
Created by Unknown

Don't Even Think About Having a Bad Dream

amazon book children inappropriate shoppers beware - 4699901696
Created by Unknown

I Dedicate This Book To My Family...

book family - 7098750208
Created by freshbru

Troll Level $1000

amazon blank book - 8602823936
Via Amazon

The Dreaded Red Hair Gene

book - 7147865856
Created by Unknown
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