Art of Trolling


Like You Would Have Read It

amazon book IRL old spice order - 5253747200
By vera

Page 978 Is Being Revised, Please Rip It Out

book wikipedia - 5247232768
By Unknown


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By Unknown

Hold the Presses, We've Got Carpet Munchers

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By Unknown

Spoiler Alert!

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By Unknown

Just Let Me Finish This Battle...Chapter

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By SirKilmoreRyan

IRL Troll: Less Money, Mo' Problem?

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By battousai

I'm Bleeding All Over the Page

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By Unknown

And Then Some Girl Said I Got Her Pregnant

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By shabs


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Via Pleated Jeans

I Don't Think It's Working

IRL book - 6708066816
By Unknown

Troll Level $1000

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Via Amazon

Take Notes

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By Jelle161994

The Bear Next Door

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By Bronxbombers5665

I Dedicate This Book To My Family...

book family - 7098750208
By freshbru

Wise Beyond His Years

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By freshbru
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