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Wouldn't Know Your Real Birthday Anyway

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Way Too Old

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By Unknown

You're a Happy Surprise, Sweetie

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By Nuthren92

They'd Do Anything for Your Business

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By Unknown

Worth Way More Than the Money I Would Have Given You

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Via supergreat

Well That Seems Oddly Specific

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By Unknown

Before There Was Botox

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By IcanHAZtitties

C'mon, I Just Want a Birthday Fap!

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By jerretsmannequin

Who Cares What Your Mother Thinks?

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By ThatNCISGirlAmy

Bakery Workers are Getting Tired of Your Bad Jokes

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By Unknown


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By freshbru

You Mean Until Your Child's Birthday?

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By devonushka

Happy Birthday, Chump

man shoving a child's face into a cake during a birthday party
Via Reddit

I'm Glad Your Parents Never Gave You Up

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By yohicitumadre

No Pls, Stahp. The Dumb... It Burns...

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By Unknown
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