Art of Trolling

birth control

I Think I'm Missing Something

funny memes took pill forgot to get dressed
twitter FAIL trolling baseball reactions MLB birth control - 1384453

Brewers Pitcher Brazenly Mansplains Birth Control to Jessica Chastain on Twitter, Successfully Triggers Pack of Ravenous Trolls

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The Pre- and Post-Baby Section

pregnancy birth control condoms - 7751987456
By Unknown

Come On Pedobear, If It Bleeds, It's Too Old

birth control pedobear sexy times Yahoo Answer Fails - 4772634624
By michaeljcaboose

Before There Was Botox

birth control birthday drugs Yahoo Answer Fails - 4463587072
By IcanHAZtitties

You Know Which One You'll Need More Of?

birth control condoms diapers IRL - 6257049344
By Unknown

And Knowing Your Limit

birth control IRL sign - 6431007744
By Unknown