Art of Trolling


Parakeet Drops the Bass. User Drops Insult on Skrillex

bird dubstep skrillex youtube comments - 7006581760
Created by Caffinehog

Articuno Has Evolved

bird Pokémon - 5362568704
Created by Sera

Not the reaction he was hoping for

bird gifs girls - 3373584640
Created by Unknown

Can It Even Fly?

bird dumb facebook turtle - 5560969984
Created by Unknown

Everybody's Heard

bird facebook the notebook - 6134702592
Created by Unknown

Problem, Ornithologists?

bird IRL - 5711603712
Created by chaffie

Classic: Trollgull

bird IRL sign win - 4902296576
Created by Psichas

Still Weird

bird creepy IRL that looks naughty - 5145680128
Created by Unknown
amazing bird cat IRL love nap Video - 22092289

WOOP! Trololololo

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