Art of Trolling

best of week

Someone Needs to Run You Through an English Lesson

best of week chat dungeon video games - 5255937024
By Unknown

I Hope She Uses D and E Next Semester

best of week dumb FAIL IRL test true or false - 5102841088
Via Epic Ponyz

Lost In Translation

best of week christian IRL text - 5095242496
By sixonefive72

The Whole Bed

best of week IRL plants sign spring wet - 5977279744
By Unknown

Classic: Have You Accepted Jesus Christ as Your Personal Day Ruiner?

best of week fake IRL jesus money - 5646411776
By Sydney

On What Day Did God Create Trolls?

best of week facebook god internet - 5885081344
By Derpy Hooves

Tell That to the Gal on the End

best of week human centipede Memes slogan - 5817554944
By Unknown

My Life Is Over

best of week twilight wtf - 5684512768
By sophiesills (Via my life is twilight)

Believing The Onion FAIL

kim jong-un news the onion North Korea Hall of Fame best of week - 6815656192

The Birds and the Bits

Babies best of week facebook - 5093320448
By knapman22

A Whole Fifteen Percent!

best of week insurance IRL jesus sign - 5980577792
By Unknown

Don't Get Burned!

bacon best of week IRL Memes snow - 5597606656
By DanGoRawr

An Extra Twenty Points If You Can Get the Kid, Too

best of week Omegle twilight - 5400078592
By Unknown

Can't Unsee or Stop Staring

best of week dogs duck IRL - 5057497344
By t8rtots

Absolutely NOT

basketball best of week gifs gumby IRL Memes - 5999905536
By Unknown

I've Just Gotta Pop Into That Store for a Sec

best of week driving parking - 5525474560
By Bendyrulz
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