Art of Trolling

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"Thug Aim" Is Pretty Hard as Well

best of week facebook - 5141351168
Created by nuclearbastard

We All Scream for Ice Cream

best of week dairy queen ice cream IRL scream sign - 5870510848
Created by BLAHGUY126

The Saddest Action Figures

best of week dead Sad star wars - 5175297536
Created by Unknown

I'm Aware Alright

awareness best of week wikipedia zombie - 5392413952
Created by 64BitFrost ( Via )

On the Double Feature Screen

best of week IRL that sounds naughty - 5106795008
Created by Unknown

Can You Find the Marriage for Money?

best of week IRL kim kardashian news - 5390663424
Created by Unknown

Art of Trolling: Would You Care to Educate Me on the Nuances of This Fast Food Bag?

best of week Memes the most interesting man in the world waiter - 5866114048
Created by ultimatum1895

They'd Do Anything for Your Business

best of week birthday facebook Memes - 5773182208
Created by Unknown

You Disgusting Beasts

best of week IRL poop toilet paper - 5732941568
Created by Unknown

Oh, But He Would

army best of week facebook married owned relationships - 6345351424
Created by Unknown

You Look Great In Green

best of week colorblind jelly troll face - 5320602368
Created by electrodinosaur

They May Have Installed Cameras

best of week IRL Memes Music sexytimes sign - 5832652800
Created by eniram

Good Morning, Horrid Prince

alive best of week justin bieber Memes news - 5844940800
Created by KianYu

Just as Exciting, I'm Sure

best of week call of duty video games - 5981163520
Created by Unknown

Classic: Because We Know You Can Barely Read

best of week IRL sign Walmart - 5534768128
Created by TheChimichangaMerc

I Hope She Uses D and E Next Semester

best of week dumb FAIL IRL test true or false - 5102841088
Via Epic Ponyz
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