People Taking Pictures of Their #BeardsFromBelow Are Making Everyone Else Feel a Little Weird

Did you know that if you take a picture of your beard from under your chin it might look a little like a shrunken head without a face? Yeah... neither did we. Until now. People keep taking these creepy photos of their beards and... it's really not okay.

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A stranger texting this guy and his beard gets the best responses.
Via EWW3
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He ain't never been called Wendy before. But surely people compliment his beard.

Edwin Wheeler kept getting texts from a wrong number, so he answered them politely with proof that he was not some lady named Wendy.

Then, he took screenshots and put the pictures on Imgur like a true gentleman.

"Maybe I should just accept my life as the bearded Wendy," he said.

We know the truth though. She kept 'accidentally' texting him just so she could keep getting pics of that sweet, sweet beard.

We would have done the same.