Art of Trolling


Trolling on Cheezeburger

guns alphabet banned - 7129500416
Created by Larfleeze

Needs More Sparkles

banned drawing unicorn - 5595858944
Created by Unrated12

You Didn't Have to Throw Me Out

banned nakeytimes youtube - 6247488768
Created by ChinaStolen

O No, Pls Halp

xbox live banned video games xbox 360 - 8142480128

Gangnam is a "Four-Letter" Word

bad words banned gangnam style funny - 7459557376
Created by Unknown

Come on Mark, Can't We Work This Out?

banned video games xbox - 6043378432
Created by rasta_emprie420

Doing God's Work

banned wikipedia - 8607113728
Via VectorBelly