Art of Trolling

bait and switch

Haha, Made You Say

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By apollogesus

She's Probably Also Worried About Sunburn

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By Ryanonymous (Via

He Might Massage Your Head While You're Down There

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By alina__p

Unrealistic Expectations

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By Catlick (Via

Worst Case Scenario Leads to Gumming

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By PowderedCheeseMan (Via

Length Envy?

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By likeafox

I Can't Fit It In The Hole

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By Unknown

I'm Just So Lazy

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Make Sure You Get Knee Pads Too

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By Akimilizard

Use Bleach, But Reserve Some for Your Eyes

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By Matt Draper

Consent Should Always Be Given

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By magicaliceinwonderland

All In the Family

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By maeying

They're Different Sizes

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By Matt11

Bound to Give You a Stomach Ache

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Get Out Mom, This Is Daddy-Daughter Time!

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By trolololololol2112

Hit Her Nose With It

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By AJ8888
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