Art of Trolling

Bad Translator

Seriously, USA?

usa Bad Translator mexico - 7114993408
By CaptainRaison

Good job Bing!

bing Bad Translator toilet - 7055071488
By Sam314

Some Things Are Universal

Bad Translator hate job true - 4963454464
By Jon

God Owns Memebase?

god Bad Translator memebase - 7175917312
By Unknown

Nice Try, Bing

Bad Translator bing google - 6266956800
By Unknown


queen Bad Translator bohemian rhapsody - 7562453248
By Echo_of_Snac

Nicki Minaj: Music Made by a Confused Computer

Music Bad Translator nicki minaj - 6994533120
By Michael

Makes Sense

Bad Translator trolls magic - 6985668352
By Unknown

Only at Taco Bell...

Bad Translator taco - 7138147584
By Unknown

Somehow, it's still the same thing....

Bad Translator - 7232010752
By coolfirenewt

Taking the ball in the what?

Bad Translator - 7257856256
By AndreC11 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

True Facts

Bad Translator facts memebase meta - 5282864128
By Dullnirv


Bad Translator nyan Nyan Cat - 4913536768
By themick187

The Language of Love

Bad Translator dating forever alone go away Sad - 4913416960
By say892

Sounds Like a Bad Day

Bad Translator car weird wtf - 4963574272
By Unknown

Naughty Little Bike

Bad Translator bike girlfriend virgin - 4977035776
By Unknown
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