Art of Trolling

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They Have Such Knobby Knees

auto complete balls giraffes google - 6140459520
Created by Jelle161994 ( Via Art of Trolling )

He Just Crashes Right Through

auto complete dinosaur google jesus search - 5815821568
Created by Unknown

Grandma's Fragile

auto complete google walrus - 5841349120
Created by TheMemeTroll

Can't Tell If Trolling or I Should Move to the Moon

auto complete google search wtf - 5174450944
Created by stadgroningen

Wikipedia Plagiarized Me, Teach!

auto complete google homework truancy story wikipedia - 5870466560
Created by dragonsushi247

That Guy Needs to Experience Some Real Life Consequences

auto complete google link suggestions - 5849338880
Created by Tino

Y U Read My Mind?

auto complete google i hate it when - 6136092160
Created by Spark_Brave

Unicorns Can Type?

auto complete google voldemort - 5844043008
Created by sirtrololo

In B4 I Hate It When People Use Internet Explorer

auto complete google i hate it when - 5849771520
Created by Chauncy33

Can You Blame the Guy?

auto complete google hitler i hate it when nutella - 5901549056
Created by DexMaster

He's Got Quite the Appetite

auto complete google noms - 5846732288
Created by Unknown