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april fools

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Surprisingly, This Google Eyewear Will Still Make You Look Cooler Than Google Glass

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Boop Your Belly!

april fools gifs Troll Doll - 6049270528
By Unknown

How's This for the Troll Under the Bridge?

april fools bridge Troll Doll - 6045751552
Via Culumon
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IRL Troll: iTroll

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Prank of the Day: These College Students Pulled Off One of the Best April Fools' Pranks Ever

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But Srsly Tho...


When Life Gives You Troll Hair

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By Unknown
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Looks Like Virgin America Took Some Tips From Airbnb on How to Design a Logo

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This Professor Had One of the Best April Fools Pranks We've Seen

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Joke's on Who?

april fools FAIL girlfriend - 4679038208
By Unknown

Worst of April Fools: NOT FUNNY, GABE

april fools half life shoppers beware steam - 6060627712
By Chuckthe2nd

For These Kids it Feels More Like April Cruels' Day

funny parenting prank image dad pulls cruel ipad prank on kids
Via @joeheenan

IRL Trolls!

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By Unknown
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April Fools' Pranks To Pull Around The Office

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A Trolling Troll!

april fools fishing Troll Doll - 6045743104
By Unknown

Two Heads are Better Than One!

april fools Troll Doll - 6049286144
By Unknown
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