Art of Trolling


So Annoying Indeed

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By Glen_B

Always In The Last Place Yoo Look

annoying spelling you - 5433908480
By jackells98

Common, Like NE1 Cares on Facebook

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By ReWind

Oh, K

annoying facebook k - 5260962048
By Gerald

I Mean Not

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Wednesdays, How Do They Work?

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By tehbeefah
Entitled people and their absurd demands | Car vent phone mount Marketplace $5 Car vent phone mount Mark as Sold More Options Ahmad changed group photo. Is this still available? Yes 5:44 PM bucks No thanks 3 not into bargaining, sorry Ok know Amazon brand new is 4,50. Great. Go buy there. Haha ok, sorryI just kidding. Aa

Frustratingly Entitled People and Their Demanding Behavior

People have a hard time seeing how ridiculous they're being.
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How Do I Select a Different Office Assistant?

annoying Office Omegle - 4698812416
By aXane1039

Congratulations on Your Literacy

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By Unknown


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Really? I Find Jogs Invigorating

annoying facebook whining - 5394005248
By Unknown
Story about entitled cheapskate who wants an expensive bike for cheap and gets trolled by the seller | ill give 50$ and thats higest ill go. Sorry, but 's too much low ball offer bike is worth 800 and selling 500, and so price is firm. stupid asshole spent last month saving up money bike just like this and now yoy dont care and wont help anyone other than yourselve, rot hell f t.

Dude Demands Bike For Dirt Cheap, Gets Trolled Like A Chump

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woman builds fence to keep neighbors out of pool | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/OnTheFencePoolGirl AITA building fence keep out my neighbors? Not hole Obligatory throwaway account. Earlier this year 26f) got an inheritance family member and godsend finally got move out and get my own place after living paycheck paycheck. MY DREAM PLACE could never get place like this without providence or cutting my way through corporate ladder with machete. But most important part

Woman Builds Fence to Keep Neighbors Out of Pool

Good old neighbors.
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Remember, One Isn't a Prime

asl annoying Omegle - 5604265216
By Manutaust

Oh Cruel Fate

annoying Yahoo Answer Fails - 4324967680
By Unknown


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By Yossarian92
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