Art of Trolling


Don't Forget the Animals This Winter

cold animals bring them in and cook them
Via cryptotranshumanist

D'aww! What a Little Hero!

kids fish drowning animals - 8277024000

Dublin Zoo Has Their Priorities in Order

Dublin zoo Ireland animals - 8165243904

Yep, Furry Ones

animals crabs planets uranus Yahoo Answer Fails - 4651751680
By Unknown
animals cute Video - 36780033

Spring is Here!

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animals desperation goats smells zoo - 4168766464
By Unknown

How Else Was Cthulhu Stopped?

real youtube idiots animals - 6825060352
By empires6969


gifs animals - 8137785344

Shh, Shh, It'll Be Okay Little Buddy

animals hump youtube - 5832539136
By chizaku (Via

Keep Your Paws Off Our Academy Awards, You Damn Dirty Apes!

review Movie imdb animals - 6926580480
By Meqad

Who Knows What Diseases You Have, Filthy Beast

animals eat IRL sick zoo - 4799977984
By Unknown
woman gets trolled

Woman Gets Trolled To Oblivion Over Facebook Post About Finding Dead Cat

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Let's Go Fly a Bunny

animals Fake Science - 6078809600
By DraxxorT (Via Fake Science)

h0rny Troll

animals horny Omegle spymode - 6310082304
By KrownDan

Hey Idiot, Quit Walking on Thin Ice

animals cute gifs penguin - 6241809152
By GalderGollum

Not Horsing Around

animals horse Omegle - 4247365120
By Unknown
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