Art of Trolling



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What an Interesting Creature

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Yeah, I Don't Do Dogs

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I Think That's

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How to Mess With Frogs

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One More Sad Lonely Critter

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So Kind of the Snake!

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But He's a 'Service' Animal!

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Can't Argue With That Logic

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Remi Gaillard Video animals - 77799425

Remi Gaillard's Latest Prank Video Switches the Roles of Pets and People

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Hey Idiot, Quit Walking on Thin Ice

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By GalderGollum
a glimpse at the life of animals in some webcomics

Get a Glimpse Into Animal's Casual Daily Lives With These Hilarious Comics

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This Dog Will Poop No More

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Don't Forget the Animals This Winter

cold animals bring them in and cook them
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