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Here's What I Think of Canada

Canada hats america countries - 7845090304
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This Generic Stock Footage Presidential Candidate Vows to Keep America Safe From Thunder Storms

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America vs Canada, in a Nutshell

america vs canada most likely place to get shot
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They Call it Fifty Shade of Grehy?

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Too Jawesome to Leave Out!

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You Know the Rules of the House

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Stephen Colbert: A True Patriot

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A Redneck by Any Other Name

america rednecks UK Yahoo Answer Fails - 6183356160
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Wait a Minute...

image pranks america wait a minute
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We Never Should Have Left

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Petition Aims to Change U.S. National Anthem to Best Sonic Adventures 2 Song



america chips Lays - 6340893696
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You Can Tell She Means It Too

england donald trump image You Can Tell She Means It Too
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We Specialize in Harmless Fun

fireworks fourth of july america - 7614083840
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Come on guys, get your s**t together!

europe sports super bowl soccer america funny - 7513025024
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