Art of Trolling


Like Two Times Maximum!

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By Unknown

When Companies Stop Giving a Damn

advertising ads Samsung - 8047062784
By Unknown

Checkmate, Old Spice

advertising old spice taco bell twitter - 7035816960
By Unknown

This Billboard is Six Feet Underground

advertising funerals - 8133886208

Honest but True Advertising

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By Unknown

False Advertising

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Hot, Hot Deals!

advertising cars - 8428165376

Advertising at Its Falsest

advertising - 8239320064

How to Advertise Right

advertising Cats pets - 8176304640

False Advertising

advertising billboards women - 8193240064
Via Trimothy

The Best Possible Billboard Combo

billboards advertising pregnancy trash - 7978445824
By Unknown

Your Move, Audi

advertising audi cars bmw - 7817969920
By Unknown

Misleading sign troll

advertising sex restaurant signs - 7801998848
By DarkClaws

American Advertising

billboards advertising ads models - 7950017280
By Unknown

Advertising in a Nutshell

beer advertising - 8325846528

Take What You Can Get

advertising fitness exercise ugly - 8125956608
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