Art of Trolling


Different Views on Trolling

Ad facebook obama politics - 6554566656

Advertising Fail - Go Away

Ad go away IRL sign - 6372776192
Created by Lucy Partridge

The Fear of Being Watched By Advertisers

Ad best of week duck phobia - 5056112896
Created by Unknown


Ad genie magnets mormons - 4538601216
Created by Unknown

Talk About All Service

Ad IRL - 5413984000
Created by phatphucka

Challange Accepted

Ad Challenge Accepted - 7076202496
Created by freshbru


Ad IRL lemon party real - 4554291968
Created by Unknown

Worth Every Sign

Ad heart attack youtube - 5873941760
Created by computergeek3

Can't Tell If Trolling or Unscented Has a Scent

Ad IRL - 6241768704
Created by demosthenes_bitch

Re-Trolled: Switching Today Could Save You...Ten Percent?

Ad insurance - 5160468224
Created by SpongeBobRoxMySox


Ad banner IRL scary sign - 6006416640
Created by MrWobble

Tacko Tuesday Date Nights!

Ad creepy IRL tacos - 4687892480
Created by Unknown

How Does a Genie Disconnect?

Ad disconnect genie i own a horse quiz - 4520587520
Created by mikeh91 ( Via )

Ad Placement FAIL

Ad FAIL titanic wtf youtube - 6106377984
Created by Unknown

Compare This!

Ad billboard IRL - 6387503360
Created by Mcakesasa

There's Even Free Delivery!?

Ad amazing delivery IRL pedobear - 4545121280
Created by Unknown
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