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Bet You Didn't Even Put the Cart Away

exit facebook Walmart - 5560547584
By Arch-Angel


Walmart - 3969856256
By Unknown
trolltube Walmart Video - 70157057

Want to Build a Toilet Paper Fort? Why Not Do It in the Middle of Walmart?

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Wait, What are They Selling at Walmart These Days?

Walmart - 8755889152
Via RealNameHidden

Theft Alarms. Theft Alarms Everywhere.

black friday shopping Walmart - 8380656896
Via siraisy

Thonbs Wamtart!

drunk Walmart failbook g rated - 7836487936
By Unknown

Classic: Because We Know You Can Barely Read

best of week IRL sign Walmart - 5534768128
By TheChimichangaMerc

Just What Are You Planning on Doing With Those?

walmart employee trolling

Meet Shane, the Walmart Deli Employee Who Gives His Managers a Major Headache

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Hi, I'm Chris Hansen, please, take a seat.

hammock IRL pedobear Walmart - 6460758016
By Fenix63

What You Can't Buy, Borrow!

facebook truancy story Walmart - 6515615744
By Unknown

Tis the Season

Babies angel christmas Walmart - 4242887680
By Unknown

I Thought That Was Just Me!

waffles shoppers beware facebook Walmart trolling - 6659774976
By Unknown
insensitive 9/11 soda display at walmart

A Florida Walmart Invites Hatred and Memes With a Tacky 9/11 Soda Display

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A Highly Suspect Pairing of Products to Purchase

vaseline Walmart cucumbers - 7934545920
By Unknown

A Highly Suspect Pairing of Products to Purchase

wtf Walmart - 8277091072
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