Art of Trolling


"Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Our Dark Lord Satan?"

creepy satan Target - 7965442816
Created by Unknown

Target Acquired...

bathrooms urinals Target - 7969994496
Created by Unknown

Looking at the Search History on Target's Display Phones is Always Interesting

phones Target - 8320146432

Label Maker + Disgruntled Staff = This

monday thru friday customer service retail work Target g rated - 8195847168
Via Pleated-Jeans

That's an Unfortunate Typo for Medication...

pills medication Target typos - 8292724480

Target Acquired

bathrooms urinals Target - 8292712960

Not Your Garden Variety Corporate Facebook

one direction Target - 7732770304
Created by Unknown

Accurate Signs at Target

wine Target - 8533243136
Created by vvm
Target Video - 80626177

This Guy Uses a Different Voice Every Night to Make Closing Announcements at Target

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fathers day greg benson trolltube Target Mediocre Films - 61675777

For Father's Day, Greg Benson Has Quite the Bizarre Shopping List

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Yeah, That TV is $4.99!

shoppers beware black friday Target - 6813067776
Created by Unknown

Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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Mom Asks for a Game I'm Sure We'd All Actually Play

christmas gaming Target mom - 8407794176
Via Magnie

"Ma'am, You Have to Leave"

black friday Target thanksgiving - 7924411904
Created by Unknown

"Ma'am, You Have to Leave"

black friday Target - 8388001536

Still a Bad Deal

IRL kids sale Target - 5441203456
Created by muench