Art of Trolling


SloganMaker Has Something to Tell Us...

slogan maker THE D - 7053536256
By Unknown

The Whole Family Wants That D

funny memes putting the d in bread

Well, No Wonder She Got Pregnant

radio adele car THE D pregnant - 7013914112
Via Sofa Pizza

Oh, I've Got the D Figured Out

ipad ipa d sign
Via AssiveAggressive

Tenacious D

tenacious d text girlfriend THE D sms - 7003744512
By freshbru

Taste it!

slogan maker THE D - 7015956992
By lloydskiii

I'd Like to Put Mine Between Those Buns

trolling memes putting d in bread
Via Thedaveabides98

More like Depressed Translator

Bad Translator THE D - 7099896576
By Unknown

On a Romantic Note...

romantic note THE D - 7046254336
By Unknown

Ride It All Night Long

take the d train
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Learn to Keep Your D on a Tight Leash!

funny Movie THE D dating - 8221332992
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