Art of Trolling


Bieber Behind Bars

justin bieber prison SOPA - 5709299712
Created by Unknown

That Time Killer Is at Stake

Congress SOPA wtf - 5568708352
Created by Troll-SOPA ( Via )

God Bless Fox News

best of week blackout fox news SOPA wikipedia - 5715767296
Created by Unknown

Censor ALL the Things

censorship internet SOPA - 5594592256
Created by tablefor1plz

Look at All the Laws You Break

government profit SOPA - 5713130240
Created by Unknown

You Can Always Count on Encarta

blackout SOPA wikipedia - 5715751936
Created by Unknown

Bet You Thought Legal Activity Was Allowed

best of week copyright Music SOPA - 5717770240
Created by TheLastProject

Keep Calm and Don't Post Anything at All

censorship facebook government Memes SOPA - 5715783168
Created by Unknown