Art of Trolling


Just Like That, You're in the Ukraine!

gifs Protest prank - 8115232512

Because Apathy and Memes

IRL Protest Y U NO - 5219698176
Created by StitchTheEmoBitch ( Via )

And What a Magnificent Sign It Is, Sweetie

angry IRL Protest sign - 4885807616
Created by Unknown

Pay Heed to My Moderate Displeasure

Protest picketing - 7614026240
Created by Unknown

And Your Change

IRL Occupy Wall Street Protest violence - 5394772480
Created by rackmountedlobster
Protest trolltube feminism Video - 69620993

An Anti-Feminist Protest Prank? This Ought to Go Over Well...

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IRL Troll: Biblepedia

bible IRL mormons Protest wikipedia - 4634916608
Created by Unknown


guns Protest picketing - 8388262144
Created by anselmbe

Would You Like a Shot?

cops cow IRL milk Protest - 6257044736
Created by Unknown


church god IRL Protest ridiculous trolling westboro Westboro Baptist Church - 4531594496
See all captions Created by Unknown

That Looks Tasty, Man

chicken IRL kfc Protest sign - 5931777792
Created by RogueBeats

Relatively Soon

IRL Protest sign time travel - 6236920320
Created by Unknown

She Probably Gets a Lot of Use Out of That Sign

trolling memes i cant believe i still have to protest this sign
Via sixthbest

I Always Knew She Was a Hag

gay IRL jesus Protest rights sign - 5042948608
Created by imnotjarry

That Was a Lie

cake IRL Protest sign - 5314291456
Created by mikeclfc73

Protest Problem?

IRL problem Protest smiling - 4653335040
Created by Unknown