Art of Trolling


Omegle is an open chat website which is a recipe for hilariousness when combined with the ability to screenshot. You really never know what you'll find, or see, or who. It's truly the modern day chat roulette of yore. So check out some of the best Omegle moments you'll ever see and remember these people the next time you log on.

Sweet Links!

lemon party link Omegle shock sites - 4405615872
Created by Unknown

The Key to Winning is to Win Before It Even Begins

Omegle procrastination - 6149047552
Created by LOLZ2FUN

More of a Monopoly Person?

Omegle monopoly - 7071774976
Created by jamieruarijohnson

Hope You Like Being Watched

asl Awkward boston FBI Omegle - 5277878528
Created by HellaDemon

Run Little Chicken!

chicken giggity Omegle racism - 5090940416
Created by StrayPup

If You Think Your Life Sucks...

Omegle life - 7643033344
Created by Unknown

The Sacred Art of Ralph

Omegle - 6807859200
Created by Eronoc

Better than Scandinavian swag

chicks Omegle spymode - 6529555712
Created by Mitsos

I Bet He's Easy to Mount

disconnect horse Omegle - 4616909824
Created by CyruzDraxs

Then Why are You Here?

Omegle spymode - 6185233920
Created by deltarafe

And Possibly a Fap

Omegle pedobear trap - 5079471360
Created by Liverpoollad


Omegle - 7294473216
Created by Unknown

You Must Be Arthur

dragon Omegle UK - 5233224960
Created by Unknown

An Extra Twenty Points If You Can Get the Kid, Too

best of week Omegle twilight - 5400078592
Created by Unknown

The Saddest

Sad Omegle forever alone birthday - 6973772544
Created by Unknown

Another Fake Bieber

chatroulette facebook justin bieber Omegle - 4346663424
Created by Unknown
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