Art of Trolling


Omegle is an open chat website which is a recipe for hilariousness when combined with the ability to screenshot. You really never know what you'll find, or see, or who. It's truly the modern day chat roulette of yore. So check out some of the best Omegle moments you'll ever see and remember these people the next time you log on.

Unless Your Parents Pay

college Omegle sexytimes - 5534764544
Created by Thackk

i hate haircutters!!!

Omegle cutting - 7072358912
Created by uglydollthud32 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Bacon Would Fuel Your Soul Though...

Omegle water bacon - 7434248448
Created by hamie84

Joseph Decreux on Omegle?

i own a horse Omegle - 4343142144
Created by Jobboman


Battle Harry Potter Omegle Pokémon - 3807567360
Created by Unknown

I'm Just Hopin' You're a Wizard

gentlemen lost magnets Omegle the game wizard you lose - 4522202368
Created by Unknown

I'll Take That as a No

asl armpits france Omegle - 5309524480
Created by The_No_Monkey

You Just Lost Too

Omegle the game - 7207846400
Created by oOkestrelOo

"You Are Most Definitely Alive Right Now!"

Omegle - 7824791040
Created by Unknown

You Should Probably Put Some Pants On

FBI fear naughty chat Omegle - 4526183424
Created by xoxemilyxoxo

We Don't Acknowledge His Existence

jar jar binks Omegle spymode star wars - 5475027200
Created by DaFaireh

Do You Have a Workshop?

Omegle santa - 4258259200
Created by Unknown

Schrodinger's Genitals

Omegle schrodinger - 7119044352
Created by seastarstiletto

The Student Has Become the Master

Omegle rick roll - 6315467008
Created by likeabaw5


Omegle idiots genius - 6829121024
Created by mikus

Srs. Bsns.

balls Omegle pedobear - 4475091456
Created by Unknown
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