Art of Trolling


He's Enslaved a Million Little Girls

best of week Bieber Kony the worst - 5985224704
Created by Britney

A Slew of Child Soliders

africa facebook kids Kony - 5945367296
Created by thehealeroftru

You Racist, Shauna?

best of week facebook Kony misquotes Predator - 5953035520
Created by Unknown
best of week Kony parody Video - 35331073

He's Not Grreat!

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No Wonder the Internet Likes It

best of week facebook Kony Predator - 5983403776
Created by Unknown

Please Don't Call Me, It'll Just Be Awkward

call me maybe Kony lyrics youtube - 6202396416
Created by Unknown

Don't Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups

facebook hitler Kony - 5957995008
Created by lizzardeatcow

I Know the Perfect Celebrity Sponsor

horse Kony pony - 5956188928
Created by Connor Templeman

Remember Kony?

IRL Kony poster troll - 6148361984
Created by Unknown

Not After What He Did in San Diego

facebook Kony kony 2012 poster sign - 6141780736
Created by Unknown

Pedobear Approved!

facebook Kony puns - 5956772864
Created by abnerjosh

He's a Konvict, Right?

IRL Kony sign - 5983498496
Created by TUJEFA

I Don't Think the Internet Quite Gets It

Kony positive what does the internet think - 5984332288
Created by thehopelesslybroken

Uganda is in Europe, Obviously

facebook Kony map - 5946464256
Created by dustnmyeye

The Internet Has the Collective Memory Span of a Hamster

Kony too soon - 5948231936
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Enslave You Up

facebook Kony rick roll - 5953110016
Created by RedHawk247